Research Programme

Common Research Fields & Research Priorities

Processes of change form the ‘context’ for innovative human behaviour and adaptive or conservative reactions to changing social and economic environments. Here, the five disciplines involved in GSBC most fruitfully intersect and provide for complementary conceptual and methodological tools. GSBC encompasses five interdisciplinary research fields, each specific but all together interrelated:

  1. Responses to accelerated change;
  2. Innovation as intended change;
  3. Changing social and economic contexts and changing identities;
  4. Change across the lifespan;
  5. Financial Markets.

The first two fields approach societal and economic change as unintended and intended results of human behaviour on a macro-level. Both benefit from including behavioural aspects for further differentiation and clarification. The other two fields focus primarily on the individual. Their perspectives are then broadened by including meso-level and macro-level processes and their consequences for individual agents and social systems. Insights in mutual relations among different levels of analysis are of immense scientific and societal relevance and can be gained only in an extended interdisciplinary endeavour comprising the five disciplines in the GSBC.