Grand Opening


  • Marco Guerzoni: "The Economics of Innovative Change - Research Overview"
  • Nicole Harth and Birte Siem: "Research at the International Graduate College (IGC) - Conflict and Cooperation Between Social Groups - Dynamics of Change in Intergroup Relations"
  • Eva-Maria Steiger: "IMPRS Uncertainty: On Adapting Behavior to a Fundamentally Uncertain World"
  • Stephen Wright: "Changing Intergroup Relations: Social Psychological Perspectives"



  • Alice Becker: "Promoting Justice by Treating People Unequally – An experimental Study"
  • Michael Huettner: "Economic and political alternatives for the gratification of emission reductions from deforestation and forest degradation under a future climate regime"
  • Philipp Jugert: "Development of Preadolescents‘ Cross-ethnic Friendships: A 1-year Longitudinal Study"
  • Anja Klaukien: "Emotions and Entrepreneurship"
  • Agostino Mazziotta: "Vicarious Contact: Effects and Processes of Indirect Intergroup Contact"
  • Angela Münch: „Changes in Land use: The Interdependency between Biodiversity and Socio-Economic Variables on a Local and Regional Level”
  • Jenny Roth: “"I am good so we are good”: A cognitive root of ingroup favouritism"
  • Yvonne Schindele: "The Contribution of New Businesses to Regional Employment"
  • Sebastian von Engelhardt: "Intellectual Property Rights and Digital Goods: The Case of Open vs. Closed Source Software"
  • Sidonia von Ledebur: "Technology transfer from science to industry"
  • Maria von Oettingen: "Do they represent us in our shared group? The impact of meta-perceptions on intergroup relations"
  • Annette Wagner-Baier: "Overview: International Graduate College "Conflict and Cooperation between Social Groups""
  • Simon Wiederhold: "Public procurement as a tool for innovation policy"