General Objectives

The general objectives of the GSBC are education to excellence and the stimulation of outstanding research along the following lines:

  1. The GSBC-programme is designed to integrate fellows into a strong research environment and to connect them to cutting edge research.

  2. Intensive supervision goes hand in hand with a strengthening of early scientific independ­ence and integration in the international scientific community.

  3. The school stimulates outstanding research addressing individual, economic, and social change. It strengthens interdisciplinary study, going beyond constraining perspectives of each of the contributing disciplines. It provides a platform for the manifold relationships between the four disciplines involved and promotes their communication, cooperation, and alignment.

  4. The school aims at training and promoting early stage scientists well-equipped to help analyse and to master societal change. As researchers or professionals, their expertise will allow them to design improved policy measures for managing and coping with processes of change, to prepare better strategies in business, and to contribute significantly to the research performance of universities and research institutes.