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The Jena Graduate School "Human Behaviour in Social and Economic Change" (GSBC), funded by the buy cialis usa Federal Programme "ProExzellenz" of the Free State of Thuringia and hosted by the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (FSU Jena), is an interdisciplinary doctoral school, aiming at providing the best research environment for doctoral and post-doctoral candidates. 

We hope the following pages will provide you with all necessary information and raise your curiosity concerning our institution and its research and study programme

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27.11.2013 | GSBC Brown-Bag-Seminar by Fernando Campos Medina (GSBC)
Ecological Modernization as Spatio-Temporal Restructuration; a Qualitative Approach for the Chilean Case [more]
20.11.2013 | GSBC Brown-Bag-Seminar by Carsten Hefeker (University of Siegen)
Political Polarization, Delegation and Term Length [more]
06.11.2013 | GSBC Brown-Bag-Seminar by Hans-Dieter Klingemann (WZB Berlin)
Programmatic Profiles of Political Parties in Europe. An Analysis Based on Party Election Programs [more]
30.10.2013 | GSBC Brown-Bag-Seminar by Jacques Thomasson (University of Twente)
The legitimacy crisis of representative democracy: myth or reality? [more]
16.10.2013 | GSBC Brown-Bag-Seminar by Chad Baum (GSBC/MPI of Economics)
Retail Context Matters: The Transaction of Retail Formats and Organic Consumer Behavior [more]

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